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Physics is a human attempt to discover the fundamental laws of nature and study their consequences. What drives a physicist is the curiosity about nature and the fact that the answers to various questions tie together in a nice pattern.

These attempts at discovering the laws of nature have lead to episotemological and technological advances. In turn, these technological advances have provided physicists with new tools for understanding nature. This symbiosis of fundamental physics and technological advancements is one of the hallmarks of our civilization. At the SNU Physics Department, we are attempting to answer questions ranging from how to design materials leading to novel devices to what are the properties of the Higgs particle. Many of the questions that we address require close collaboration with biologists, chemists, mathematicians, and engineers. This large sweep of research activities at SNU provides an exciting place to learn the elements of physics and to join in what Feynman said, "The greatest adventure the human mind has ever begun."