Fundamentals of Physics II | Department of Physics

Fundamentals of Physics II

Vector Analysis 
Electrostatics: Electric Field, Divergence and Curl of Electrostatic Fields, Electric Potential, Work and Energy in Electrostatics, Conductors 
Potentials: Laplace's Equation, Method of Images, Multipole Expansion 
Electric Fields in Matter: Polarization, Field of a Polarized Object, Electric Displacement, Linear Dielectrics 
Magnetostatics: Lorentz Force Law, Biot-Savart law, Divergence and Curl of Magenetic Field, Magnetic Vector Potential 
Magnetic Fields in Matter: Magnetization, Field of a Magnetized Object, Auxiliary Field, Linear and Nonlinear Media 
Electrodynamics: Electromotive Force, Electromagnet Induction, Maxwell's Equations 
Conservation Laws: Charge and Energy, Momentum, Work 
Electromagnetic Waves: Waves in One Dimension, Electromagnetic Waves in Vacuum, Electromagnetic Waves in matter

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