Waves and Oscillations | Department of Physics

Waves and Oscillations

1. Oscillations of Systems with Many Degrees of Freedom
(a) Review of the Harmonic Oscillator
(b) Systems with More than One Degree of Freedom
(c) Linearity, Normal Modes and the Matrix Equation of Motion
(d) Forced Oscillations and Resonance is Systems with More than One Degree of Freedom
(e) The Infinite System and Translational Invariance
(f) Forced Oscillations and Boundary Conditions

2. Traveling Waves
(a) The Continuum Limit of a Discrete System
(b) Longitudinal Oscillations and Sound
(c) Harmonic Traveling Waves in One Dimension Phase Velocity
(d) Index of Refraction and Dispersion
(e) Impedance and Energy Flux

3. Modulations, Pulses, and Wave Packets
(a) Group Velocity
(b) Pulses
(c) Fourier Analysis of Pulses
(d) Fourier Analysis of Traveling Wave Packet

4. Waves in Two and Three Dimensions
(a) Harmonic Plane Waves and the Propagation Vector
(b) Water Waves
(c) Electromagnetic Waves
(d) Radiation from a Point Charge

5. Polarization
(a) Description of Polarized States
(b) Production of Polarized Transverse Waves
(c) Double Refraction
(d) Bandwidth, Coherence Time, and Polarization

6. Interference and Diffraction
(a) Interference between Two Coherent Point Sources
(b) Interference between Two Independent Sources
(c) How Large Can a “Point” Light Source Be?
(d) Angular Width of a “Beam” of Traveling Waves
(e) Diffraction and Huygen’s Principle
(f) Geometrical Optics

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