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Statistical Physics

1. The Fundamentals of Statistical Mechanics 
1. Introduction 
2. The Microcanonical Ensemble. 
3. Entropy and Temperature 
4. The Canonical Ensemble 
5. The Partition Function , Energy and Fluctuations, Entropy, Free Energy 
6. The Chemical Potential 
7. Grand Canonical Ensemble, Grand Canonical Potential, Extensive and Intensive Quantities 

2. Classical Gases. 
1. Ideal Gas, Equipartition of Energy, Boltzmann's Constant, Gibbs's Paradox 
2. Maxwell Distribution, Kinetic Theory 
3. Diatomic Gas, Interacting Gas, Mayer f Function, Virial Coecient 

van der Waals Equation of State, The Cluster Expansion. 
3. Quntum Statistical Mechanics 
1. The Postulate of Quantum Statistical Mechanics 
2. Density Matrix 
3. Ensembles in Quantum Statistical Mechanics 
4. The Third Law of Thermodynamics 
5. Fermi Systems, Bose Systems. 
4. Phase Transitions 
1. Liquid-Gas Transition, Phase Equilibrium, The Clausius-Clapeyron Equation,The Critical Point 
2. The Ising Model, Mean Field Theory, Critical Exponents, Validity of Mean Field Theory. 
3. Some Exact Results for the Ising Model, The Ising Model in d= 1 Dimensions 2d Ising Model. 
4. Landau Theory, Second Order Phase Transitions, First Order Phase Transitions, 
5. Landau-Ginzburg Theory, Correlations, Fluctuations.

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