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Dr. Susanta
Sinha Roy
Professor and Head
Department of Physics
School of Natural Sciences (SNS)
Block-Research (R), Shiv Nadar University
NCR Uttar Pradesh
Profile Summary 

Dr. Susanta Sinha Roy obtained his M.Sc in Physics from Calcutta University and Ph.D. from Jadavpur University, India. Dr. Roy has teaching experience in courses of materials science and engineering, bio-medical engineering and molecular spectroscopy. He has expertise on three research areas: i) Nanomaterial synthesis and characterisation, ii) Physics of fluid flow in micro-channel, iii) Dielectric and electrochemical measurements. He has supervised five Ph.D. students and seven Masters students, published two book chapters, over hundred research papers in peer reviewed journals of international repute, presented seventy conference papers and completed four sponsored projects. He has collaboration with national and international centers of excellence in research including, University of Alberta, Canada, Ulster University, UK, IIT Mumbai, Hasselt University, Belgium and University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.


Educational Qualifications 
Ph.D. in Science
Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Jadavpur
M.Sc in Physics
University of Calcutta
B. Sc. Honors in Physics
Ramkrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur, University of Calcutta
Work Experience 
Department of Physics, School of Natural Sciences, Shiv Nadar University, Delhi-NCR
I currently work here
Associate Professor,
Department of Physics, School of Natural Sciences, Shiv Nadar University, Delhi-NCR
Research Associate,
University of Alberta, Canada,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Visiting Researcher,
University of Leipzig, Germany,
Department of Physics
Research Fellow,
University of Ulster, UK,
Nanotechnology and Integrated Bio-Engineering Research Center
Postdoctoral Researcher,
Queen's University, Belfast, UK,
Department of Physics
Postdoctoral Researcher,
University of Manchester, UK,
Department of Physics
Teaching & Research Interests: 

Teaching Interests:

Materials structure and property, Thermodynamics, Biomedical Physics, Nanomaterials and Nanophysics, Experimental techniques for material characterization. Heat and Mass Transfer.  Fluid and Solid Mechanics, Visible and Invisible Light Waves, Electrodynamics.


PHY 101-Introduction to Physics I (Newtonian Mechanics and Introduction to Thermodynamics)

PHY 102-Introduction to Physics II (Vector analysis, Electricity and Magnetism)

PHY 104-Electrodynamics 

PHY 201-Thermal Physics

PHY 207-A bridge course contains Classical Mechanics and Electrodynamics

PHY 205- Waves and Oscillations

CCC 602: Visible and invisible light waves: How they have changed our modern life

CCC 624: Forms of Energy and their Relevance in Our Daily Life

PHY 551: Nano-materials and Nano Physics (Jointly taught with Faculty Colleagues)

PHY 573: Material Characterizations (Jointly taught with Faculty Colleagues)



PHY 101-Introduction to Physics I (Tutorials)

PHY 102- Laboratory (Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism)

PHY 104- Laboratory (Electrodynamics) 


Research Interests:

Materials: Graphene, carbon nanotube, oxide ceramics, nanocomposite, liquid crystals, polymer composite, nanofluid, inorganic nanowire such as ZnO, Si.

Processing: Deposition (physical vapor deposition and chemical vapor deposition, etc.) and growth phenomena in thin films, nanotube, nanowire, graphene. Substrate film interactions and their control. Surface modification, nanostructure, nano-electrode by FIB. Micro/Nanofabrication using soft, UV and nanoimprint lithographic techniques. 

Structure: Nanomaterials structure and morphology by SEM, TEM, XRD and AFM. Bonding configuration by Raman, X-ray photoelectron and NEXAFS spectroscopies. Size effects on functional properties of nanomaterials. Clamping effects on the structural, mechanical and electrical behavior of the materials. Role of surface defect in deposition mechanism.

Physical Property: Dielectric, electrical conductivity, electrochemical, optical, nanomechanical properties, stress and elastic properties, fluid flow characterisation and heat transfer property. 

Applications: Carbon based devices for nanoelectronics, sensors and energy applications. Smart carbon coating on polymer and biomedical devices. Microfluidic device and fuel cell.

Selected Publications ( For details https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=xveBsvEAAAAJ&hl=en)

  1. “Novel π-conjugated iron oxide/ reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites for high performance electrochemical supercapacitors”. Gourav Bhattacharya, Ganeshlenin Kandasamy, Navneet Soin, Ravi Kant Upadhyay, Sujit Deshmukh, Dipak Maity and Susanta Sinha Roy. RSC Advances (2016) DOI:10.1039/c6ra25630a (Impact Factor: 3.289)
  2. "Experimental and theoretical analysis of a hybrid solar thermoelectric generator with forced convection cooling.” Sundarraj, Pradeepkumar, Robert A. Taylor, Debosmita Banerjee, Dipak Maity, and Susanta Sinha Roy. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 50, no. 1 (2016): 015501. (Impact Factor: 2.772)
  3.  "A facile method for the deposition of thermally stable diamond like carbon thin films via carbon dioxide precursor gas." Ray, Sekhar C., Gourav Bhattacharya, Mark A. Miller, Sweety Sarma, Ravi Kant Upadhay, James A. McLaughlin, and Susanta Sinha Roy. Diamond and Related Materials (2016). (Impact Factor: 2.125)
  4. "Application of oil-swollen surfactant gels as a growth medium for metal nanoparticle synthesis, and as an exfoliation medium for preparation of graphene." Upadhyay, Ravi Kant, Prashant R. Waghmare, and Susanta Sinha Roy. Journal of colloid and interface science 474 (2016): 41-50. (Impact Factor: 3.782)
  5. "Oil swollen surfactant gel based synthesis of metal oxides nanoparticles: An attractive alternative for the conventional sol gel synthesis." Upadhyay, Ravi Kant, Santanu Pan, Anjan Barman, James A. McLaughlin, and Susanta Sinha Roy. Ceramics International (2016). (Impact Factor: 2.758)
  6. “Growth, structural and plasma illumination properties of nanocrystalline diamond-decorated graphene nanoflakes.” .Sankaran, K.J., Chang, T.H., Bikkarolla, S.K., Susanta Sinha Roy., Papakonstantinou, P., Drijkoningen, S., Pobedinskas, P., Van Bael, M.K., Tai, N.H., Lin, I.N. and Haenen, K., RSC Advances  6 no 68 2016: 63178-63184. (Impact Factor: 3.289)
  7. "Plasma modification of the electronic and magnetic properties of vertically aligned bi-/tri-layered graphene nanoflakes." Ray, Sekhar C., Navneet Soin, Way-Faung Pong, Susanta Sinha Roy, André M. Strydom, James A. McLaughlin, and Pagona Papakonstantinou. RSC Advances 6, no. 75 (2016): 70913-70924. (Impact Factor: 3.289)
  8. "Equivalent Circuit Models and Analysis of Electrochemical Impedance Spectra of Caffeine Solutions and Beverages." Bhattacharya, Gourav, Ashish Mathur, Srikanta Pal, James McLaughlin, and Susanta Sinha Roy.  International Journal of Electrochemical Sciences 11 (2016): 6370-6386. (Impact Factor: 1.692)
  9. "Multifunctional reduced graphene oxide coated cloths for oil/water separation and antibacterial application." Upadhyay, Ravi Kant, Amrita Dubey, Prashant R. Waghmare, Richa Priyadarshini, and Susanta Sinha Roy. RSC Advances 6, no. 67 (2016): 62760-62767. (Impact Factor: 3.289)
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Qualified Graduate Aptitude Test for the Engineers (GATE), in 1993

Visiting scientist award at the University of Leipzig, Germany (2001)

UKIERI Research award 2006

Invest-Northern Ireland (NI) trade mission participants to India (2007) and USA (2006)

Associate member of Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society (2011-1012)

Visiting scientist award at the University of Hasselt, Belgium (2015)

Scholarly Activity