DEBOJYOTI KUNDU | Department of Physics


Research Scholar & Teaching Assistant
Department of Physics
School of Natural Sciences (SNS)
Block-B, Shiv Nadar University
DADRI Uttar Pradesh
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Educational Qualifications 
B.Sc(H) in Physics
Scottish Church College, University of Calcutta
M.Sc in Physics
St. Xavier's College, University of Calcutta
Teaching & Research Interests: 
  • Physics of Disordered Quantum Mechanical Systems and its Connection with Random Matrix Theory : We have developed Fortran codes for solving Hamiltonians of Disordered Quantum Spin Systems often in the presence of random magnetic fields. We have studied the statistical behavior of an ensemble of such systems and compared them with the standard Random Matrix Theory predictions.
  • High-energy Optical Spectroscopy of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems : We have developed formalism and codes for calculating diagonal Optical Conductivities of a correlated electron system at Zero temperature and studied the Doping dependence, Polarization dependence, Magnetic Background dependence, etc. We also want to extend this for the off-diagonal elements of the Optical Conductivity tensor, which also includes the interesting case of magneto-conductivity, important for example in Quantum Hall Effect. We are interested in exploring the temperature dependence of Optical Conductivity and detailed microscopic analysis of the optical transitions involved.
  • Core-level Spectroscopy of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems : We have used the Exact diagonalization method and Lanczos formalism to study X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and Photoemission Spectroscopy for strongly correlated transition metal compounds.
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Inspire Scholarship

Scholarly Activity

Journal Articles

  1. Spectral crossovers and universality in quantum spin chains coupled to random fields” : Debojyoti Kundu, Santosh Kumar, and Subhra Sen Gupta. [Phys. Rev. B 105, 014205 (2022)].
  2. Signatures of spectral crossovers in the short- and long-range spectral correlations of a disordered spin-chain with Kramers degeneracyDebojyoti Kundu, Santosh Kumar and Subhra Sen Gupta. [Phys. Rev. B 107, 094205 (2023)].
  3. "Next-Nearest Neighbor Spacing Distribution Studies in a Variety of Correlated Spin-chain ModelsDebojyoti Kundu, Santosh Kumar and Subhra Sen Gupta. (manuscript under preparation).
  4. "Chaos, Integrability, Many-body localization and Multifractality in Disordered Quantum Spin SystemsDebojyoti Kundu and Subhra Sen Gupta. (manuscript under preparation).
  5. Dimensional Dependence of RMT Crossover in Random Spin Systems” (manuscript under preparation).


  • Presented work titled “RMT Spectral Distribution Crossovers in Random Spin Chains” in the 6th Indian Statistical Physics Community Meeting (14-16 Feb 2019) at ICTS (TIFR, Bangalore).
  • Presented work titled “Short and Long-range Spectral Statistics in a Variety of Correlated Spin Models: A Comparison with Random Matrix Theory” in the 7th Indian Statistical Physics Community Meeting (19-21 Feb 2020) at ICTS (TIFR, Bangalore).
  • Given the Oral Presentation at the reputed APS (American Physical Society) March meeting 2021.
  • Presented our work at the reputed Young Investigators Meet QCMT 2021, NISER Bhubaneswar.
  • Selected and presented our work at the National Conference on Quantum Condensed Matter 2021, TIFR, Mumbai.
  • Presented work titled “Re-entrant Spectral Crossovers in Quantum Spin Chains : A Tale of Two Distinct IntegrableRegimes Straddling a Chaotic Phase” in the 8th Indian Statistical Physics Community Meeting (1-3 Feb 2023) at ICTS (TIFR, Bangalore).


Completed the DST-SERB project on 'Development of Calculations of High Energy Optical Conductivity and Anomalous Spectral Weight Transfer in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems' (Project No. ECR/2016/002054, PI: Dr. Subhra Sen Gupta)