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Ph.D Student
Department of Physics
School of Natural Sciences (SoNS)
Ph.D. Student
Block-A, Shiv Nadar University
Uttar Pradesh
Profile Summary 

Amphiphilic molecules, such as surfactants and phospholipids, self-assemble in aqueous solutions to form various mesoscopic structures. These structures can be modified by tuning the electrostatics of the system in the presence of room-temperature ionic liquids (RTILs). Understanding the structural evolutions in amphiphilic solutions is important as the structures of the aggregates decide the complex rheological behavior of the system. Further, some of the self-assembled systems such as lipid vesicles and lipid monolayers formed at air-water interface are considered as model systems for biophysical studies of interaction of macromolecules with cellular membrane. In the thesis, commercially available RTILs and newly synthesized lipid analogues molecules have been used to investigate their effects on these self-assembled structures. Advanced synchrotron-based x-ray scattering techniques have been employed to model systems such as  Langmuir monolayer, lipid vesicles, lyotropic liquid crystalline (LLC) systems. The interesting phase sequence in LLC system and structural perturbation in monolayer system induced by various RTILs will be discussed.

Educational Qualifications 
B.Sc in Physics
M.U.C Women's College
M.Sc. in Physics
The University Of Burdwan
Teaching & Research Interests: 


  • Experimental biophysics and soft matter physics.
  • Model cellular membrane formed by lipid molecules.
  • Synchrotron based and in-house x-ray scattering of self-assembled structure formed by amphiphiles.
  • Lyotropic liquid crystalline systems.
  • Rheological study of lyotropic liquid crystalline systems.
Research Areas 
Conferences (Select): 
  • “International Conference on Nano Science and Technology (ICONSAT 2020)”, S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata, India, 5th to 7th March, 2020 (Poster presentation).
  • “64th DAE Solid State Physics Symposium (DAE-SSPS 2019)”, IIT-Jodhpur, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India, 18th to 22th December, 2019 (Poster presentation).
  • “13th International Conference, CompFlu 2019”, IISER Bhopal, Bhopal, India, 5th to 7th December 2019 (Poster presentation).
  • "Joint 12th EBSA, 10th ICBP-IUPAP Biophysics Congress", Madrid, Spain, 20th July to 24th July 2019 (Oral presentation).
  • Symposium on "Multidisciplinary research at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility: An opportunity for Indian Science", Regional Centre for Biotechnology, Faridabad, Haryana - 121001, 14th June 2019.  
  • “Indian Beamline users' meeting, Photon Factory, KEK, Japan”, JNCASR, Bangalore 25-26 September 2018 (Oral presentation).
  •  “Theme meeting on SYNCHROTRON BASED CHARACTERIZATION TECHNIQUES”, Amity University, Noida, U.P. 4th and 5th September 2018 (Poster presentation).
  • “SOFT AND ACTIVE MATTER” WORKSHOP, UGC-NETWORKING RESOURCE CENTRE, School of Physics, University of Hyderabad, 10th to 18th February 2018 (Poster presentation).
  • Recent Trends in Cell & Molecular Biology Research, National conference organized by Dept. of Life Sciences, School of Natural Sciences, Shiv Nadar University, 27th and 28th Oct 2017 (Poster presentation).
  • RSC sponsored one day workshop on ''Recent advances in Chemistry and Biology'', Dept. of Chemistry, Shiv Nadar University, 15th December 2016 (Poster presentation).
  • Best Poster Award in ICONSAT 2020 (5th to 7th March).
  • DST -SERB travel grant to travel Madrid, Spain for attending "Joint  12th EBSA, 10th ICBP-IUPAP Biophysics Congress": 20th July to 24th July 2019.
  • DST travel grant to travel to Photon Factory, Tsukuba, Japan for performing Synchrotron X-ray Scattering Experiments (1) 24th April to 1st May 2017 (2) 6th February to 12th February 2017 and (3) 30th January to 7th February 2018.
  • 3rd Best Poster Award in RSC sponsored one day workshop (15th Dec 2016, SNU)
  • DST- INSPIRE scholarship from 2009 to 2014.
  • DST-INSPIRE fellowship from 2016 (PhD Fellowship - pursuing).

Scholarly Activity

Journal Publications (accepted or published)

(1) A review on interaction of ionic liquids with biomolecules, S.Mitra, G. Bhattacharya, S.K. Ghosh (Manuscript under preparation).

(2) Quantifying the structure and dynamics of model bio membrane of liver lipid in the presence of imidazolium based ionic liquids, S. Mitra, V.K. Sharma, S. Chowdhuri, M. K. Mukhopadhyay, R. Mukhopadhyay, and S.K. Ghosh (Manuscript submitted).

(3) Effect of ionic liquids on the structures of ripple phases of model cellular membranes, S. Mitra, and S. K. Ghosh, Accepted in AIP proceeding (2020).

(4) Surface activities of a lipid-analogue room temperature ionic liquid and its effects on phospholipid membrane, S. Mitra, R. Das, A. Singh, M. K. Mukhopadhyay, G. Roy, and S. K. Ghosh. Langmuir (2020) 36, 328- 339.

(5) Biophysical Studies of Mammalian Cell Death Induced by Ionic Liquids, K. Bakshi, S. Mitra, V. K. Sharma, M. S. K. Jayadev, V. Garcia Sakai, R. Mukhopadhyay, A. Gupta, and S. K. Ghosh. BBA-Biomembranes (2020), 1862, 183103.

(6) Re-entrant Direct Hexagonal Phases in a Lyotropic System of Surfactant Induced by an Ionic Liquid, S. Mitra, R. Karri, P. K. Mylapalli, A. B. Dey, G. Bhattacharya, G. Roy, S. M. Kamil, S. Dhara, S. K. Sinha, and S. K. Ghosh. Liquid Crystals (2019) 46,1327−1339.

(7) Probing the effect of a room temperature ionic liquid on phospholipid membranes in multilamellar vesicle, S. Mitra, D. Ray, G. Bhattacharya, R. Gupta, D. Sen, V.K. Aswal and S. K. Ghosh, European Biophysics Journal (2019) 48, 119-129.

(8) Thermodynamics of interaction of ionic liquids with lipid monolayer, G. Bhattacharya, S. Mitra, P. Mandal, S. Dutta, R. P. Giri and S. K. Ghosh, Biophysical Reviews (2018)10, 709-719.

(9) Understanding the antibacterial effect of violacein: Thermodynamics of interaction with model membranes and corresponding structural changes in the membrane, R. Gupta, S. Mitra, S. Chowdhury, R. Priyadarshini, M. K. Mukhopadhyay and S. K. Ghosh, (Manuscript under preparation).

(10) Relating the physical properties of ionic liquids with their chemical structures, S. D. Sarkar, S. Mitra*, S. K. Ghosh*, (Manuscript under review).

(11) Structural changes in cellular membranes induced by ionic liquids: From model to bacterial membranes, G. Bhattacharya, R. P. Giri, A. Dubey, S. Mitra, R. Priyadarshni, A. Gupta, M. K. Mukhopadhyay and S. K. Ghosh, Chemistry & Physics of Lipids (2018) 215, 1-10.

Journal Articles