Spintronics and magnetization dynamics | Department of Physics

Spintronics and magnetization dynamics

Our aim: Designing faster, denser, and energy-efficient spintronic devices for magnetic data recording, storage, and processing applications


Previous research interest: Ultrafast magnetization dynamics in magnetic thin films, heterostructures, and nanostructures; Generation and manipulation of spin waves in magnonic crystals and quasi-crystals; Optical generation of pure spin-current in strongly spin-orbit coupled systems; Electrical- and optical switching in advanced spintronic devices; Straintronic systems; Two-dimensional materials and hybrid systems, Micromagnetic simulations.


Future research interests: Spin-torque driven switching; Interfacial effects in magnetic metals, semimetals, and insulators; Topological materials; Quantum entanglement between magnon, phonon, and photon; Data storage, recording, and processing applications.


Currently, our research activities at the department are under preparation!


Contact: Dr. Sucheta Mondal (Spintronics and Magnonics Lab)


Email: sucheta.mondal@snu.edu.in


Extn: 679