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Frequently Asked Questions

Minor in Physics is open to the undergraduates of other disciplines subject to completion of a certain number of courses.  For details consult the Physics prospectus available online or contact the Physics UG coordinator Dr. Samarendra Pratap Sing h(

Physics department encourages undergraduate students to pursue research using available research facilities and resources in consultation with any faculty member of the department.

Physics department offers a variety of elective topics involving all major fields including contemporary and interdisciplinary topics.

Physics department has developed modern undergraduate laboratories equipped with all the necessary instruments for applying  Physical laws and principles also students are encouraged to pursue own their own to design, develop and test new experiments . 

OUR (Opportunities for Undergraduate Research)  projects are offered by School of Natural Sciences starting from the Monsoon semester . Any undergraduate student after the completion of second semester can pursue his/her own research interest under the guidance of a faculty member during  non-class hours using the available research facilities and resources. Interested students can contact the individual faculty members of the department or the Physics UG coordinator Dr. Samarendra Pratap Singh (