Major | Department of Physics


The interdisciplinary research-led Physics undergraduate program at Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR is designed for students who either wish to pursue a professional career in physics or use the skills of a physicist to understand complex systems ranging from the earth's atmosphere to the human cell. The breadth of the physics program, together with the multi-disciplinary environment of SNU, enables a student to engage creatively with problems that transcend the confines of any single discipline.

The Physics Department comprises of faculty members who are equally passionate about their research as well as teaching. They are keen to bring the excitement of the discovery to the classroom and to involve students in their research. Many of them have worked at some of the leading international research and academic institutions and continue to be involved in collaborative research with them.


▪ An integrated tutorial and laboratory program that encourages problem solving and exploration.
▪ Allow students to obtain a minor degree in subjects ranging from economics to computer science.
▪ A strong emphasis on independent research through a year-long undergraduate thesis.
▪ Opportunity to take a broad range of courses from natural sciences, engineering, humanities and social sciences.
▪ Availability of a wide range of advanced elective courses in Physics.
▪ Access to sophisticated teaching laboratories and library.
▪ Access to the state-of-art research labs, associated instruments, and high-performance computer cluster.
▪ Additional research opportunities under OUR (Opportunity Undergraduate Research) program.
▪ Opportunity to directly join the graduate program with scholarship/assistantship.