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B.Sc. (Research) in Physics

Research led undergraduate program in physics at SNU is designed for a student who either wishes to pursue a traditional/interdisciplinary research career in physics or who wishes to use the skills of a physicist to understand complex systems ranging from the earth's atmosphere to the human cell. The rigorous undergraduate program in physics, together with the multidisciplinary environment of SNU, will enable a student to engage creatively with problems that transcends the confines of any single discipline. The duration of B.Sc. (Research) in Physics is stipulated for 3 years (minimum) to 6 years (maximum).

Key Information

School of Natural Sciences (SNS)
Total Credits
Core Credits 
Major Electives 
University Wide Electives (min) 
Core Common Curriculum (min) 
(Minimum CCC and UWE credits required are 18 and 18 respectively)

The coursework for a student majoring in physics has three broad parts. The first part, which covers the initial two academic years, is focused on developing a firm foundation of the subject. In the second part, which is the third academic year, a student learns about more advanced theoretical and experimental tools, often revisiting the concepts developed in the foundation part but viewing them using these sophisticated tools. At the end of the 4th semester, the student will be able to appreciate and explore open research problems in physics. Hence in the final year, the student will be able to choose from electives from a wide range of courses, often related to the research interests of the faculty, and start the research work for his/her undergraduate thesis.

Apart from the physics courses, a physics major student is expected to take a broad range of courses from natural sciences, engineering, humanities, social sciences, and management. These courses fall into the following categories: UWE(University-Wide Electives), CCC(Core Common Curriculum). Some of the courses are categorized as REAL(Research, Experiential and Applied Learning) and VELS(Values, Ethics, Leadership, and Service). The Physics undergraduate advisor will assist all the students meeting the various departmental and university requirements.

Credit Requirements for Physics Major 

Core Courses: Within the duration of UG program, a student is expected to complete 109 credits of core courses out of which 12 credits are expected to be achieved through physics elective courses.

UWE: Within the duration of UG program, a student is expected to complete 18 credits of UWE offered by other departments of science, engineering, and humanities.

CCC: Within the duration of UG program, a student is expected to complete a minimum of 24 credits of CCC courses offered by all the departments of science, engineering, and humanities.